Genesis 1.1's? New to audiophile status.

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Genesis 1.1's? New to audiophile status.

Hello all.
I have a couple question's, and I hope I am putting this in the correct place as I run a top pc tech help site and I know it's a pain to move all the thread's..

My Father recently passed away and left me some things. The question I have is about these speaker's he left me. From what I can tell they are Genesis 1.1, I think its a point. Now I have tried for a day or so trying to find info on these but only find Bible references. These things are huge.. There at least 6 and a half feet, and the wiegh more than my house. lol.. Now I and somewhat of an audiophile as i have a descent onkyo intregra reciever and some nice Klipsch speakers and a veladyne spl 12 sub. But have never heard of these speakers. And am afraid to connect these things to my reciever. Does anyone have a knowdledge of these speakers. I know they are 6 years old, other than that my mother said I was to have them and cost about 600.00us to ship them across state. Any input would help. If pics are needed can send them as well.

Brandon VanLieshout

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Matt Whitlock
criduchatdad,Welcome to


Welcome to, I hope you're enjoying our site. What PC help site do you operate?

As far as your thread placement goes, you were close. Since it's about speakers, it fits best in the audio forum. Don't worry, our custom community software lets us move threads around pretty easily. :-)

Just to make sure we're clear... are you referring to the Genesis 1.1, $145,000 per pair set of speakers? They look like this:

Yes those are those...And you

Yes those are those...

And you have to be kidding about the 145,000 cost correct? They came in 2 crates and the wieght said 1/4 of a ton.. I measured them this morning and they are just a hair short of 7 feet tall.

As for the site I like it. Easy to find what ya want if ya look lol. I seen the speaker's etc forum after I posted.. I am running invision so I don't have the nice automated software lol. I run I am fourth on google, but that does not say much.

Wow 145,000.. I had to call my mom and ask, she just said "you know yer dad". He was into Speaker's and High end audio since I was about 10. I feel giddy as a school kid now lol.

I have an Onkyo TX-NR1000, Can I connect these to that reciever. I see that it has it's own power, just afraid I might blow my Kid's ears off now. Well thanks Where did you get the pic's/ Do ya have a link? I would love to know the specs on these things..

Matt Whitlock
Well, the Genesis 1.1 MSRP is

Well, the Genesis 1.1 MSRP is about $145,000. If your father purchased them from a dealer, he probably paid less.

The do have a little technical information on these speakers at the Genesis Loudspeakers site, but there's not really much to go on. I can tell you for sure that the bass drivers are powered internally, but I think the tweets amd mids are powered from the receiver.

Without knowing the power requirements and impedance of the speaker, I'll be hard to tell you if your Onkyo will work well, or even at all. I have a funny feeling you're going to need to pick up a high power stereo amplifier, or a few monoblocks.

When dealing with speakers at this level, I would recommend calling Genesis (206-762-8383) and discussing power options. They don't have the manual for the 1.1 online, so I'd recommend asking them to send you one. Plus, you'll be able to get some recommendations on amps, and they'll know what works best with their stuff. They'll probably mention their tube amps first, but you should be able to get other suggestions out of them. If not, we can discuss this more intelligently once you get more info about the speakers, and the manual.

It would be great if you could post a few more pics of the speakers, and maybe of you setting them up. You can't really tell how massive these things are unless you have something else in the pic for scale. Everyone would get a kick out of it!

In the meantime, we'd sure love it if you helped spread the word about the TechLore Community, and post a link to us on your site. TechLore has sidestepped computers, and is focused only on consumer electronic products. A text link would be great, but we have some banners and buttons available as well. Check out our Link To Us page for more.

Thanks for the links.. As a

Thanks for the links.. As a pc geek I never thought of putting (untill now) into google genesis speakers lol. I will take some pic's against the crates they came in and then against hmmm I can't move them.. there sitting in my Basement and I have 22 feet ceiling's so that will help in the scope of these thing's..

As far as the link..Not a problem.. I know alot of my admin's that like consumer electronic's..Give me a day and I'll have it up. Got some Christmas shopping to do. I am not going to tell my wife how much these things are worth or else she be asking for a 5 carat flawless diamond lol..Again Thanks And hope to frequent the site..


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