Surround sound - help me

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Surround sound - help me

I purchased a nice Sony surround sound set of speakers and also a Sony reciever to match. I only really wanted it for my tv but I cannot get the tv sound, only the radio when selected. I have it hooked up to the audio out 2 ( red and white ) of the tv then to the matching plugs of the reciever. What am I doing wrong?


Matt Whitlock
You may need to engage the

You may need to engage the audio outputs on the TV. Enter the TVs menu, and in the audio section, look for this option. It's also important to note that some TVs will only send sound out the external jack if the internal speakers are disabled.

I have new construction and

I have new construction and had my room wired for surround sound and a seperate wiring for a subwoofer. I had speaker wire run with rc connections for the subwoofer. When I connect the wiring to the subwoofer I get feedback. If I disconnect the subwoofer from the wall and connect it directly to the receiver it is fine. Any suggestions?

Paul Thomas
You are either experiencing

You are either experiencing one of two problems. First off it is not a feedback loop you are hearing. How long is the in wall wire?

If it is less then 30 feet,
then you have a bad ground connection through the wall which is causing interference to penetrate the signal, or it is causing the ground wire voltage to float high.

If it is greater then 30 feet,
all of the above could still be the problem. Plus it could just be interference from the long unbalanced cable run. Usually unbalanced line level signals don't like to run more then 40 feet in perfect conditions. Your wall is far from prefect conditions, with AC lines, and A/C ducts.

Bionic Woman
I have a Sony speaker system

I have a Sony speaker system (4 satellite speakers, receiver, and sub) which is about 1 1/2 years old. The two back satellite speakers both stopped working at different times. I have tested the speaker wires and the speakers themselves, and both are working when plugged into other speaker outputs. Therefore the problem is definitely with the receiver. I'd like to fix this myself, but how? Help, please! Sony tech support offered no help. They only told me to spend almost $200 to take it to a sony repair store.


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