computer monitor with digital hd cable box

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computer monitor with digital hd cable box

I currently have my HD TV hooked up to a digital HD cable box and run the audio from the box through my stereo system. I would like to set up a second monitor to be viewed outside. I have outdoor speakers which are already hooked up to the the same stereo system. I am using component cables for the primary tv and was told by the cable box manufacturer (pace micro) that I could also drive a second monitor using the DVI-D output on the box ( of course I would have to watch the same channel). They said though that if I simply tried to use a computer monitor that it had to have a DVI-D input with HDCP. I am unable to find this information from the monitor people. Can I use an LCD computer monitor with a DVI-D input as my viewing monitor under this scenario? Thanks for the help. Dave

Matt Whitlock
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Most LCD computer monitors

Most LCD computer monitors are not normally equipped with HDCP compliant DVI connectors. Look for the LCD products that are labeled as TVs, or boast HDTV compatibility.


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