pioneer SD-P404 TV/monitor

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pioneer SD-P404 TV/monitor

I have owned this TV since 1992 and it only shows a small sign of weakness. About as strong as when I first bought it. Lately, I have a problem with plugging it in and it "auto-off"/shuts down on me and won't stay on. It acts like it wants to come on....then shuts down on me. can anyone send help for what I'm this means. Thank you very much in advance.

Matt Whitlock
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Sorry TonyR, it looks like

Sorry TonyR, it looks like your strong TV is showing a big weakness. Perhaps there is someone nearby with TV kryptonite?

Shutting itself could be indicative of many things, all of which would require a professional to diagnose. 13-14 years of solid use is a good run for a TV, and any repair will only last short term...if parts are even available. I'd recommend you spend your money on something new.


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