problem with bose speakers

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problem with bose speakers

Hi everyone. I am an a/v technician and recently i was hooking up a bose lifestyle system and encountered a problem. i hooked up all the speakers to the bose subwoofer provided and when i played a dvd all the speakers were working properly. but when i switched the input to tv one speaker would not work. thinking it was a bad input connection on the subwoofer i then hooked up the speakers directly to the yamaha receiver that was provided. and the one speaker still didn't work. the dvd was obviously a dolby digital 5.1 broadcast and the tv show was also broadcast in 5.1. so the speakers should have worked for both formats. my question is why would all the speakers work on dvd mode, but not on tv mode. doesn't make any sense to me, i have never experienced this problem before. this just further makes me hate bose home theater systems.

Matt Whitlock
A few questions:Which speaker

A few questions:

Which speaker stopped working?

How is the non-working and working device connected to the receiver?

hi i have just got a plasma

hi i have just got a plasma tv and you turn it on and it all works fine but after about twenty mins you hear a noise from the speakers then the sound goes off. if i turn the tv off and leave it five mins and turn it back on it works fine again for twenty mins then same again, really need some advice on how to fix it anyone thanks

First question is it still

First question is it still under warranty. Sounds like something is overheating and causing a protect mode to kick in until it cools. Tech time, Plasma's to expensive to fool with unless you know what your doing.

Matt, i have a similar

Matt, i have a similar problem as the original poster. Difference is i am using the Bose lifestyle Receiver main unit. I actually will lose more than just one channel sometimes. I believe its a short. Any idea of what to look at inside the sub? It starts with the left channel then dropps the center. A good smack atop the sub will usually bring it back. Thnx for any help!


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