dvd player says no disc

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dvd player says no disc

after loading and making noises for a minute, portable dvd player says no disc. it has not taken any damage. it just stopped working one day. what should i do?

GoRe WhoRe
My portable dvd player is

My portable dvd player is doing that EXACT, same thing.

Out of nowhere, last night it started saying no disc.

Does anyone have a solution

Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm having the same problem from an Initial 7inch dvd player I just purchased from an E-Bay seller.I popped in a dvd and the screen displayed the "loading" prompt, but after a few minutes it read "no cd". The dvd compartment doesn't even turn, but the screen works beautifully.

Do I just need to get rid of it or can it be fixed at a reasonable cost?

I also have this problem I

I also have this problem I have bought a DVD cleaner and that doesn't work. I have a Panasonic SAHT95 Home Theater System. It also gets really hot after watching a movie (When it did play DVD) It plays CD's just fine


Ron Repking (not verified)
I've had many a problem with

I've had many a problem with DVD players saying "No Disc". It can be any number of things. On my portable DVD player, some of the problems were traced to one of the following:

  • The DVD is not properly set in the cradle,
  • The battery power left in the rechargeable batteries was not strong enough and needed to be replaced,
  • The Lens needed to be cleaned on the player.

I've had two DVD players stop working in this way, but never figured out why because the repair cost was much more than to just buy a new player.

Did anyone figure out what is

Did anyone figure out what is wrong with the players when it says no disk. Mine is also trying really hard to read the disk making a rather irritating noise but still comes up with no disk. It won't read a cleaner disk either. I've already checked the placement of the DVD, mine is plugged into an electrical outlet so it cannot be batteries. How do you clean the lens? Is it beyond hope and time to let it go?

I have a SONY and it's doing

I have a SONY and it's doing the same thing. . . . it worked good for the past 3 years . . ..  and then last night SONY's reputation went down the hill..  I've tried everything to fix it.. . but it simply refuses to play any DVD or compact disk. . ..      Were we better off with VHS?  I've got one that has lasted me over 5 years and it works great..  ...      PLEASE tell me I'm better off going to BEST BUY for a new one? 

I anyone does find an

I anyone does find an alternative to buying a new player when the "no disc" displays, PLEASE post it!

Larry Dillon
If you have all tryed to

If you have all tryed to clean the lens with a lens cleaner, then it maybe worth the try to clean it manually.. Try reading this as maybe it will help some of you. http://www.techlore.com/article/14550/

I just purchased a 7'' TFT

I just purchased a 7'' TFT Portable dvd/mp3/cd player from toys r us it is a Craig CDV513 and I took it out of the box charged it for the 16 hours needed. It turns on I cleaned a dvd of finger prints and inserted it into the machine, it starts turning like it is going to start and about 4 minutes later is says "No Disc". I have tried many Dvd's with no prevail can you help me??  Please!


Return it. The unit is bad.

Return it. The unit is bad. Even with the fingerprints a new player should be able to read the disc. You have a defective unit. Dan

Clearly planned obsolescence

Clearly planned obsolescence at it's worst. I've gone through 3 DVD players this year ranging from 60 to 170 dollars. Price / brand made no difference. All 3 displayed 'no disc error' within months. I got same error when I tried a cleaning disc. I got one player to work again by cleaning the lense manually first (used a Q-tip dampened with alcohol, then wiped again with dry end as per Larry Dillon's link - thanks Larry). It still wouldn't read a dvd but it would read the cleaning disc. After running the cleaning disc, the player read dvd's again. Took about 10 minutes, so it's worth a try. If this doesn't work for you, I recommend buying a cheap player and using a cleaning disc preventively (and of course: save receipt, packaging and make sure it has a warranty).

I'm having the exact same

I'm having the exact same problem. I got an Insignia portable DVD player a couple years ago. Insignia is a special Best Buy brand, and they recommended it to me. It cost about a hundred dollars, so I bought it. It was working perfectly for the first year, but then the second year I had problems with it once and a while. In the middle of the movie it would freeze up, and I would have to start the movie all over again. But now it won't play ANY dvd at all. It says

I've tinkered with a few DVD

I've tinkered with a few DVD and CD players that read NO DISC (nothing to lose), and found in some cases, it's the rubber pieces slipping. I have no idea what one in particular is called, but it sits above the disc and acts like a friction plate or clutch. I used some old Radio Shack belt dressing I had with a Q-Tip and wiped a little on the flat side of the rubber plate. This player was 3-5 months old when it stopped playing. I gave it to my brother who used it for almost 2 years afterward. Maybe I got lucky (or he did), but it's worth a try. Belts can crack and get brittle. When they do, and they slip, it throws the timing out of sequence and displays an erroneous code or statement.

The problem usually isn't the

The problem usually isn't the laser lens, it's the mechanism that moves the laser lens along its track up and down the CD (or DVD, because this can happen with DVD players, too). Usually, the lubricant has either dried up, or more likely, it has become dusty or gritty, and the parts aren't moving the way they should.

It's *somewhat* fixable, but this isn't all that easy, and it can get pretty messy. I would only recommend this procedure as a last resort. You need to remove the old dirty grease first. There's a couple of ways to do this. First unplug the CD player, remove all batteries and turn it off.

If you can, move the lens head with a q-tip (GENTLY!). If it doesn't budge don't force it! I'll stop right now and tell you that a third of the time this problem is fixed by just moving the mechanism along its course without playing with the lube; try turning the player on at this stage and see if you've fixed the problem. If not, then continue with the instructions. From here it gets messy.

If just manually moving the mechanism didn't fix the problem, the next step is to replace the lube. Open the top disk cover with the player off and all batteries out and unplugged, and move the lens mechanism if you can. Look for oil and/or dust and grit. Radio Shack makes a degreaser/electronic cleaner that you can spray on the mechanism that will dissolve the grease, or you can use 90% isopropal rubbing alcohol or even nail polish remover (very sparingly, because nail polish remover will eat the plastic parts!) Remove all the grease you can with a couple of q-tips.

Let the cleaning solution dry thoroughly, at for least a day with the cover open.

The replacement lubricant is type-A lube, which you can get at places like Walmart, or RadioShack. Use the lube sparingly; only a tiny drop where the mechanism swings or telescopes. Less is more! If if you get over-zealous with the lube and it drops into the electronics below, the results won't be happy, so it might be a good idea to jam a corner of a paper towel beneath the mechaism you are trying to lube. Remember that less is more, if you use too much, the lube will just squirt all over the electronics, and maybe your CD, too.

Again, I would recommend this only as a last resort, but it can be done. This is the kind of procedure that everybody screws up the first time they try it, so don't be too upset with yourself if you further trash a CD player that is malfunctioning.

I bought a collection set of

I bought a collection set of the tv show "3rd Rock From The Sun, which cost me $100.00 for 4 sets. I played all the disc and they all played fine. Later, I decided to play them again, but after loadig the disc, I get a message that says in essence I am only allowed to play the disc one time.

I have never heard of such a thing. Is this message coming from my player or the disc.

Thank you

I shook it real good and it

I shook it real good and it started working just fine, thanks for the idea, Sue

I was getting that error on

I was getting that error on my home entertainment system. Cleaned the lens with nail polish remover and it works great. No more errors.

this link will help you
i have a p player and

i have a p player and everytime i try and play a dvd it says "bad disk" i have no idea whats wrong with it i have cleandd the lenz and still nothing i need help now!!!

I had this happen to me. Out

I had this happen to me. Out of the blue I began getting "no "disc", when there was a disc in the machine. I have a portable Insignia. After a while, when nothing else worked, I tried turing the player upside down after I put the disk in, then I turned it on, and weird, after it started playing, I could then turn it right side up and it kept working for the duration of that particular disc. It works for 3 out of five discs. The other two, I can hear the machine trying to work, and the disc is turning, but the "no disc" displays. This has going on for a year, so I get some use still. It is random, but I am not ready to toss something that is sick but not dead yet.


I have the same problem with my Base cd/player said no disk
took the cover off and the disk was spinning mearsured the voltage of the spindal motor and was only 3volts so I took out the motor which cost me $10 dollors for the part and as soon as Iput in the disk it was geting the 5.9volts
and it was reading the disk .
Inow understand why it said no disk is because it was running half speed in stead off full soead to read the disk

i have the same problem with

i have the same problem with my portable dvd player i need help if any one finds out how to fix it please email me at [email protected]

i have a tv with a built in

i have a tv with a built in dvd player. Its like it is stuck in mode of having a disc in ( there isnt ) it wont let me insert another disc. I think cause it thinks it has one in there. But when i click open it makes a funny noise and then just has the "no disc" on the screen... help anyone?

Sounds like the tray is stuck

Sounds like the tray is stuck. When you hit eject peck on the tray very hard and see if it pops out.

It doesnt have a tray?

It doesnt have a tray?
It is built into the tv.
So normally when you insert the disc it "grabs" it and takes it.
Now it wont take it?

I will try hitting it ;)

Okay well I accidently

Okay well I accidently spilled the nail polish remover on a dvd movie and now it says ""no disc". Is there a way to fix that or do I have to buy a new one?

Try cleaning the laser eye

Try cleaning the laser eye with rubbing alchohol on a q tip.

Hi everyone. I've got a

Hi everyone. I've got a Sylvania SDVD 8730 portable dual 7" DVD player. It stopped reading DVD's a while ago. It was still reading CD's. I cleaned the lens, adjusted the small screws on the laser pickup but no luck. I ended up ordering a new laser pickup on eBay. it is HOP-1200W. I plugged in the new one, making sure that I remove the antystatic solder ball before. Same this as with the original pickup. Will read and play CD's but will not read DVD's. When the DVD is inserted the pickup will dance around a bit then it'll give the "no disc" message. The red laser is lit in the meantime. no caps are swelled. no mechanical errors on the pcb. Please help. Thank you. A.


I FIXED MY NO DISC DVD PLAYER. I took the cover off the machine. I took the cover off the carriage, be very careful with this part as you could easily do serious damage. I used a qtip and alcohol to clean the lens. I took another qtip with a small amount of lubricant and applied it to the piece that spins the dvd, I'm not a professional so I don't know part names. I took the carriage cover piece and lubed the spinny piece on top. I also bent the top piece a bit, I was concerned that my abusive household of men had set things on top of the machine and bent it causing the dvd to be squished and not spin. Lo and behold Finding Nemo works now!!!! I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!! I am a stay at home mom that hates wasting money and would rather try to fix stuff on my own. Good luck folks! I hope this helps some of your issues.

You can find some information

You can find some information here: http://is.gd/no_disk_error



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