Headphone Repair

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Headphone Repair

My Aiwa HP-X223 headphones only have sound in one ear, is there anything that could be done to fix this? If so, is it something that I could do, or would they have to be brought to an electronics repair center? Thank you.

Matt Whitlock
It depends on if the problem

It depends on if the problem is the headphones, or the jack you're plugging them into. Have you tried another pair of headphones to make sure the jack is working properly?

Matt Whitlock
Aiwa may be able to fix them,

Aiwa may be able to fix them, but with an MSRP of $30, you may spend more getting than a new pair if you're out of warranty. Cost of repair plus shipping both ways will likely be over 30 bucks. Aiwa warrants your headphones for 90 days from date of purchase.

If you're out of warranty, it'll probably be more cost effective to buy a new pair. Remeber, the holidays are coming, and deals will be plentiful!


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