Dishnetwork satellite HD

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Dishnetwork satellite HD

I'm getting my stuff hooked up soon and have a few questions. I'm getting HD and I have DVI connection on my tv. Will everything go through the DVI connection, or will channels not offered in HD be in a different input such as component?

Matt Whitlock
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A DVI connection to your

A DVI connection to your display will handle all video signals sent to your TV. You will not need to make a secondary video connection to watch non-HD channels. Most likely, your dish box will upconvert low-res signals to a 720p or 1080i output, so your display will see all signals as high-definition (there really won't be any performance gain though).

However, this may limit your ability to use the TV's advanced stretch modes if you own a widescreen TV. If so, set your box to output low-res signals in their native format, or make a secondary video connection for 4:3 analog viewing.


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