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Cant install player

Have a Iitronics IMP 11 128MB it says on the instructions pc will auto-recognise the player,doesnt seem to be doing that. It says menu will apear on player isnt doing that either. Also it says open MY COMPUTER identify the removable disk icon there isnt one. My pc is windows ME any help here would be greatful,as i have had the player for 2 weeks and would really like to get it up and running. Cheers.

heyyyyyyyyy i`ve got the same

heyyyyyyyyy i`ve got the same as lonepiper ,but runnin xp home. Every time i plug the player into the usb i hear the sound and found new hardware comes up in the right hand corner. I go to click on it and nothin happens.Ive gone into system and usb2.0(fs)flash disk usb device comes up in disk drives.Then i try in removable f and h ,but nothin.This is really doin my head in .
I`ve tried to do what the manual says and set it to usb disk ,but all i get is MULTI DRIVE ,NORMAL ONLY and ENCRYPTED ONLY !!!!

lonepiper ... you might need

lonepiper ... you might need to install the Win98 drivers from the mini-CD for it to work with Windows ME.

ilsonlad ... I have my iMP-11 set to Normal Only ... mine doesn't work properly if set to Multi Drive which was the factory default setting.

Good luck both ;)

Thanks JedOi i have also

Thanks JedOi i have also tryed that but still cant get the removable disc icon. I am opened to other sugestions thanks again.

Hi me again i installed the

Hi me again i installed the disc but no removable disc icon. I went in to programs it says mp3 utilities 1.45, then 3 headings Mp3 player disk tool, Mp3 player update tool and sound convert tool. When i click on disk tool it says removable disc icon not detected. It plays my MP3 songs on the sound converter which i have in my pc. I am now having nightmares of a little removable disc icon chasing me. Someone please help. Cheers


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