Thin Red Line Problem Sony 57 Inch Rear Projection

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Thin Red Line Problem Sony 57 Inch Rear Projection

I recently starting getting thin red lines through my screen. They are uniform in shape and become very visible on a dark screen. The TV is 2 and half years old....

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They are kind of hard to see

They are kind of hard to see but they run the length and width of the screen about 2 inches apart.

Matt Whitlock
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These look like horizontal

These look like horizontal retrace lines during the vertical retrace process. Normally, these lines are blanked out during retrace, but apparently the vertical blanking needs service.

You should try a hard reset (unplug the TV for four hours), and see if that resets the IC.

Otherwise, the blanking is integrated into an IC on your TV, and will need to be diagnosed and fixed by a technician.

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Matt,Thanks for your help. I


Thanks for your help. I had a technician come out and he made an alignment adjustment that fixed the problem. It was covered under my extended warranty.

Thanks again,

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dgalloway - did you try the

dgalloway - did you try the hard restart before you called the technician?

I am having the same problem with my panasonic plasma (see post "faint red bands on edtv with prog scan dvd").



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Just so everyone knows..

Just so everyone knows...depending on the serial number on your Sony 57" t.v, there is a manufacturer's problem with the CRT's within the set. Those thin red lines were the same ones I had on my TV. The first company I called came and got my t.v. and took it to their warehouse. They told me it would be $1,200.00 to replace the CRTs and another small electrical piece (called a resistor). I told them to just send it back. No way I was paying that (the TV is almost 3 years old). I called another company recommended by Sony (Qualixserve) who told me right away that there was a problem with the CRTs in the tv and that Sony decided to cover the CRTs for 4 years instead of the standard 2 years. A tech came to my house and replaced all three CRTs (red,green,blue) and now my set looks brand new. Be careful who you call...the first thieving company would have gotten away with a lot of my money! I just wish Sony would have been a bit more forthcoming with the problem.


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