Handycam DCR-DVD92 can't play on computer

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Handycam DCR-DVD92 can't play on computer

My Sony Handycam, DCR-DVD92 records beautifully and takes great pictures. The problem is that I can't seem to find a way to get my computer DVD player to recognize the DVD-R 1.4 3" disks that I've recorded on. The manufacturer says that the camera will not hook up by USB to a computer but that's the reason I bought it. The advertising made it sound like it would be compatible with both computer and TV DVD players. Any ideas?

Matt Whitlock
A few simple questions:Have

A few simple questions:

Have you tried more than one brand of media?

Are you certain your computer has a DVD drive? Many computers, especially if they're a few years older, only have CD drives.

Check on those points and post back.

Thanks Matt;First Question:

Thanks Matt;
First Question: Yes, I have tried both Sony and a company called GQ. Both have the DVD seal of approval. I chose DVD-R because they indicated that this is the higher quality of the different types.
Second: Both of the computers have DVD drives that are writable. Could they still be too old to have the DVD-r 3" compatability? One is a Compaq Presario and the other an HP pavilion a520n with a DVD+RW/CD-RW drive. Since it designates a +RW configuration could the laser be of a different type and not be compatible with a -R? When I place the DVD-R 3" in the drive and it closes the drive ignores it and indicates that it can't find any media in the drive.
Thanks for responding.

Matt Whitlock
You're welcome for the help.

You're welcome for the help. I hope you mention TechLore to all of your friends. :-)

Now, back to your camcorder... Did you remember to finalize the DVD?

Hi Matt;Yes, I finalized the

Hi Matt;
Yes, I finalized the DVD and it works beautifully when played on the Handycam or when plugged directly into the TV.
It just will not be recognized by the DVD players.

Matt Whitlock
Have you tried the resulting

Have you tried the resulting discs on a home DVD player? Just wondering if it worked on anything other than the camcorder.

It's certainly possible that your drive won't read the DVD-R discs that your camcorder produces. Replacing your computer's DVD drive with a new one may solve that issue.

Another suggestion is to use DVD+RW discs. They're rewritable, which shouldn't matter since you're trying to get your video to the computer anyway, and you'll save money since you can use the same discs over and over again. Once you get video to the PC, you can burn permanent discs compatible with home players. The other nice thing about the +RW format is that it tends to be more computer friendly, and does not require finalization after you're done shooting video.

I have tried playing the DVD

I have tried playing the DVD-R's on all of the DVD players I have. Two computers and two home DVD players. They all indicate that they do not recognize a DVD is present.

I am going to visit a Fry's store today and see if they have anything that will work and pick up some +RW discs at the same time.

I just hate to think of all the video I have shot up to now not being accessable. I'm a little torqued at Sony too for not having an easy fix for this problem. Their adds do say that this system is compatible with computers.

Matt Whitlock
Unfortunately, those kinds of

Unfortunately, those kinds of claims can usually never be "guaranteed". It is indeed possible that those DVD-R discs are playable in some computers and DVD players (I'm willing to bet all of them have a Sony logo on them, too...). Of course, with the sheer magnitude of different products in the market, compatibility is never a definite. I'd even be willing to bet that Sony has a disclaimer somewhere in the fine print.

Oh, and when you go to pick up some DVD+RW discs, don't buy a million of them. Only one or two until you know for sure that it works.

Your existing discs may not be entirely lost. If your camcorder can play them, you can still get them into your PC. All you'd need is a video capture device and a little patience. Ron Repking wrote a fantastic article series that can help you get video into your PC (of course, the intention is to get video from analog tape to DVD), but it should help you just the same. The guide is called "How To Convert Your VHS and Analog Camcorder Tapes to DVD"

Keep us informed of your progress.


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