Memory card error on Canon Digital Camera A75

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Memory card error on Canon Digital Camera A75

Hi, I am sure this is something that is easy to fix, but whenever I turn on my camera, regardless of the disk that is in it, it says memory card error. It also won't let me take pictures. Do I need to reformat it and how would I do that? Any suggestions would help because I don't want to take it in to get it fixed. Thanks everyone.

Matt Whitlock
To format your memory card:1.

To format your memory card:

1. Press the MENU button on the camera.
2. Arrow to the "Tools" section (look for the little tools icon)
3. Find format in the list and select it by pressing the SET button.
4. Highlight OK and press the SET button.

If formatting the card does not work, try ejecting the CF card and reinserting it. If still no, try a new CF card, as it's possible there is a problem with the one you have.

If still no, then you may need to have the camera serviced.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

So when I was formatting the

So when I was formatting the CF disk it would start to format then on the camera say busy and shutoff automatically. Do you know what that could be?
Thanks for your help so far.
I know its not the CF card because I've tried a few of mine and none of them work.

Matt Whitlock
If you have an external

If you have an external memory reader, I'd try formatting the card on a computer, then try it in the camera. It's worth a shot at least.

Yeah I don't have one of

Yeah I don't have one of those. This sucks. Sometimes technology is great and other times, just a pain.


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