IItronics MP3 Player. sorting folders out...

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IItronics MP3 Player. sorting folders out...

Hi, my girl bought me a new MP3 player for my birthday it holds 512 MB. i have a few albums and a few MP3's to put on it. but i want to make 2 sepourate folders like listed

Albums (to hold my albums)

MP3's (to hold my mixed MP3's)

does anybody know how to do this? i plugged the device into the USB port and opend the drive through my computer and made 2 new folders and named them Albums and MP3's but they didn't work... can somebodyt please help me on this?

i had software with it by the way and 1 that catches my eye is MP3 player disk tool. but i was reading in the manual if it goes wrong it could destroy the mp3 player...

please could somebody help me on this?

also can you buy cases to protect MP3 Players?

thanks alot


if anybody would like to E-Mail me instead of posting here my E-mail address is

[email protected]

thanks again


Hiya Lee, I've got an

Hiya Lee, I've got an IItronics 512MB also, the iMP-11 ...

If your player is the iMP-11 also then proceed as follows ...

Create your new folders directly on the drive as you would on any other drive or desktop. Open the drive then right-click inside the window, select - new folder - type in your folder name: Albums, MP3's etc' (you already did this once, just do the same again) ...

Now - copy+paste/drag+drop one or more music files into each of the new folders you just created ...

Next - from the main menu which says "MSC REC RPL TEL SYS" - use the lever to highlight the MSC icon on the left ...

Short press the lever in to enter ...

Track 1 of folder 1 should appear ready to play but DON'T press play yet ...

Short press the lever in again and you go to a second set of menus "Local Folder - Delete File - Delete All - Exit" ...

With the "Local Folder" icon (little magnifying glass) highlighted ... short press the lever again to enter ...

Now the different folders should be listed - use the lever to select the folder that you want to open and once selected - short press the lever one more time to open that specific folder. The first track in that folder will now be on screen ready for you to press play.

Note however that although you will start playing from the first file in that folder ... when the player gets to the end of the last file in that folder it will continue to play the first file in the next folder and so on ...

In other words ... opening a specific folder ONLY sets the start point from which the player will continue to play through ALL of the folders from the point you started at. You don't have to go back and open the folders one at a time unless you want to skip to a different folder which is out of sequence.

(If you press the lever in while a track is actually playing then you get the "Repeat - Equalizer - Tempo rate - Replay - Replay times - Replay gap - Exit" menu).

The "MP3 Player Disk Tool" allows you to create partitions which can be encrypted and also allows you to re-format the player if you need to do so (all data gets lost).
NOTE: this tool formats to FAT16 ... using any other type of native windows format could possibly cause PERMANENT damage like memory size problems so ONLY use this dedicated tool if you HAVE to format the device).

I too would like a nice protective case for mine, maybe a hard spectacle case with a soft lining might do the trick (with a small hole & rubber gromit for passing earphone lead through) ;)

Hope this helps ;)

thanks for your help mate. i

thanks for your help mate. i followed everything you said but when i disconnected my MP3 player the folder didn't show. the only folder that shows all the time is MP3's and thats like the root folder which i can't remove i tried to delete this but it just keep re-appearing again. i can't even create any new folders to put the music into so i have to put all my songs mixed up into the mp3's folder.. do you know what could be wrong? please help me on this



Ahh, right ... even after a

Ahh, right ... even after a format there will be a root folder and the only way I know that the root folder could have got renamed is if it was renamed with the "MP3 Player Disk Tool" where it says -> "Volume" (the root folder "ROOT" isn't a sub-folder ... it is the drive/device name itself, like if you renamed your drive C:\ to ROOT ... it would simply be the name of the drive)

If you format it again with the following settings (ie. quick format with "ROOT" entered in the "Volume" name box) it should put everything back to default structure (your drive letter will probably be different, mine is drive L:) ...

Then try creating your new folders on the drive as previously mentioned ... don't forget to toggle the lever to see if the new folders/directories are available after you've pressed the lever in whilst on the "Local folder" icon (it may look like only one directory till you step through with the lever) ...

See how you go with that ;)

PS. Is your player an iMP-11 same as mine, if it's an iMP-65 or other then the procedures may be totally different !?!?!

hey, i got the iironics 512

hey, i got the iironics 512 mb mp3 some time ago now, and everything was functioning properly until quite recently when i tried to put on some new songs, i turned on the player after wat i thought was a sucessful transfer, only to find that the music folder sais no files! all 64 of my tracls had been deleted- but the weird thing is that when i check my memory status it still says 92% of my memory is in use! i can only fit lyk one more song on the player even though i have no other songs on it! if anyone knows how to fix this PLZ HELP ME! thanx in advance


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I have 512mb digital mp3

I have 512mb digital mp3 player of IItronics.I don't know how to use


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