IItonics-can't play WMA files

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IItonics-can't play WMA files

Hi I was wondering if anybody could help me out. I have bought an IItronics 1MG mp3 player - I have put on downloaded songs (mp3 format) and these play fine however I have bene struggling with cds. The user manual isn't very helpful - a the moment I'm going into windows media player and clicking "copy to computer" (I tried copy to device but it wouldnt let me) - I can then drag the files onto the mp3 player but when I try to play them it comes up with "file error" on the screen (the player is meant to play WMA files) what am I doing wrong?? Thanx

Matt Whitlock
Check to make sure that you

Check to make sure that you don't have the "copy-protect music" box checked in the Rip Music section of the options menu. If you've copy-guarded your music, you'll have to transfer the files with WMP or delete and rip them all over again.

Thanx tho the box isn't

Thanx tho the box isn't ticked so I don't think thats the problem.

Matt Whitlock
Here are a few other

Here are a few other suggestions:

1. Make sure you're not ripping your music using Windows Media Lossless

2. Make sure you're running the latest firmware. Firmware updates for your player can be downloaded here.

3. Try ripping your music into MP3 format with another program

4. Make sure your music is not in the encrypted section of the drive.

Be very, very, very careful

Be very, very, very careful when flashing firmware on these players ... If you do happen to kill the player ... go here -> http://s1mp3.secret.com.br/en/index.php for your best chance of recovering it ;)

how can i check if the wma

how can i check if the wma files are in the encrypted part of the file. I have done all of the above but still get the file error message


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