Toshiba 50" Projection TP50F60 Convergence Fails

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Toshiba 50" Projection TP50F60 Convergence Fails

Both the red and blue lenses can be adjusted to bring the entire screen into proper convergence, but it won't stay that way. Within an hour (sometimes less), or sometimes when I first turn it on, the convergence is off again.

The improper convergence is also not linear, but curved. This makes it extremely difficult and time-consuming to get it set back correctly. I'm pretty much resigned to calling a repair man, but would like advice on what the possible problem might be and a cost estimate. The set is nine years old and I don't want to throw money away. It has worked great up to this point and hasn't been on more than 2-3 hours a day average.

One other thing - Unrelated to the convergence problem, my red colors are over-saturated to the point of turning purple in certain instances. This usually doesn't happen in normal TV or movie settings, but will occur in commercials where the colors are bright and emphasized (large bright color text and banners, etc.). No amount of tweaking the brightness, contrast, color, tint, or sharpness will correct this.

Thank you, Karl

Matt Whitlock
The convergence output is

The convergence output is likely defective, and will cost 250 to 300 dollars to fix, depending on the servicer and labor rates in your area. Your color problem could possibly be adjusted.

If you have the means, I would recommend replacement over repair. It's a 50" analog display, which you could replace with a new 55" CRT big screen for less than 1500 dollars (depending on make and quality). Given that your risk of further problems with your TV is high, putting that money toward a new TV would be recommended.

Thank you very much Matt, I

Thank you very much Matt, I was hoping you would answer and that's exactly the kind of advice I wanted.


Matt Whitlock
You're welcome Karl :-)Please

You're welcome Karl :-)

Please keep us informed on your situation.

Hey so i have a Toshiba Tv as

Hey so i have a Toshiba Tv as well and it only plays green? what do i do to fix it. and how much do you think it would be.
Please help


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