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Sound help

I have a Quasar palmcorder and recently while recording, there has been no sound. If I put and older tape in the camera, it will still have playback sound, but everything I record now has no sound. Why and what can I do?

Matt Whitlock
What is the model number of

What is the model number of your palmcorder?

Matt Whitlock
I can't see any kind of

I can't see any kind of setting in the camcorder that would cause it not to record sound, so I can only think of three possibilities.

1. There is something wrong with the tapes you are recording to. Try a different tape.
2. The microphone that records sound is bad of the connection has become loose.
3. The audio recording head is dirty or in need of service.

Of course those are only my best guesses. If it's not the tape, you'll need to send it to Panasonic (Yes, Quasar is the bargain Panasonic line) for service, or you'll need to purchase a new camcorder. Call 1-800-211-7262 to find out where to send it if you decide to have it serviced.


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