connecting turntable to unlike receiver

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connecting turntable to unlike receiver

I have a Sears single-play automatic turntable (model 564-92963450) w/ RCA jacks to connect to a receiver/amplifier. I also have an Aiwa compact disc stereo system (model CX-N32OOU) with RCA inputs for auxiliary inputs. If I connect the two, and play the turntable, I get only a loud rumble, similar to a feedback hum, just as if the Aiwa is not receiving any input to its amps. The turntable's leads are all OK--just checked them for continuity and absence of short circuits. Are the two incompatible due to the Aiwa amplifier (just 16W x 2 channels), or what's going on??? The Aiwa book says to connect a turntable w/ an equalizer amplifier. Do I need another piece of equipment??Anyone have help??

Matt Whitlock
Yes, you need a phono pre-amp

Yes, you need a phono pre-amp to properly connect the turntable to the receiver since the AIWA does not have a phono input. Even though they both use RCA jacks, the signal coming out of your turntable is different than what your CD player and receiver are compatible with.

You can buy a phono preamp from Amazon. They're not really expensive. To view a recommended product from Recoton, click here.

Thank you, Matt. My fears

Thank you, Matt. My fears are confirmed. I'll get on that preamp bsns. right away. Appreciate the help!! -mike-


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