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what is an IP ADDRESS and why

what is an IP ADDRESS and why does it say

When i try to logg on to the

When i try to logg on to the web it says "A connection error has occurred. The attemp to obtain the IP address timed out." What does this mean and what should i do

It means either the wireless

It means either the wireless network you are trying to access is encrypted and you didn't enter the right password or the connection from the internet is too weak (either because you are too far away, or the transmitter is being blocked by too many walls and pipes).

Try getting closer, or using another wireless network.

Hi, i've followed all of tips

Hi, i've followed all of tips on this topic, but for some reason i cannot get my psp to connect to my router. I have a psp 3003 firmware is 5.03 i know that the wireless works because my laptop works

My router is a D-Link DSL-2740B
i've set the mode to MIXED 802.11g and 802.11b
and the security is set to WPA

but for some reason my psp still says

No Access points were detected :( really dont know whats going on here

Ken Clements
you have your router set to

you have your router set to WPA-PSK2 .. change it to WPA-PSK

PSP does not support WPA-PSK2 and will NOT see the router

nope the router is already

nope the router is already set to WPA-PSK :) any other ideas?

Ken Clements
try resetting your router to

try resetting your router to factory settings, then make sure the following is done:

(i) WPA-PSK (and not WPA-PSK2)
(ii) DHCP IP pool is sufficiently large.. allow for 100 IP addresses
(iii) MAC filtering is off

(i) turn mac filtering on
(ii) enter the mac address of your PSP into the ALLOW list (double check that there are NO errors.. has to be EXACT)
(iii) ensure you still are allocating enough IP addresses to DHCP

if that fails change the channels on your router, you may be transmitting on the same channel as a nearby router.

Make sure your router is not near items like microwave, flourescent lighting, inductive motors, any sort of RF.

but be sure to FIRST RESET to factory default.. usually means pressing the RESET button whilst powering on. I know the reset method for the Belkin did not work as described in manual... worked by method above. Good luck.

If all fails, change your router to Belkin or NetGear.

Grace Rivera :]
hey I'm Grace. Every time I

hey I'm Grace. Every time I try to use the internet, it says

...something to the effect of

...something to the effect of "Can't Connect"?

Make sure you are using an open connection (no password needed), or if you know the password for a secure connection, make sure you entered the right one.

Also, make sure the wireless router is working and transmitting (use something else with a wireless card, like a laptop or another PSP).

go to network then scan it it

go to network then scan it it will show the conation then go manuly no poxy severs then enter the wap key which is at the back of your eircom warning; only for eircom

Grace Rivera :] said: hey I'm

Grace Rivera :] said: hey I'm Grace. Every time I try to use the internet, it says

you are so sexy

tommy coops
hi i hav just established my

hi i hav just established my ps3 can connect to the internet via the ethernet cable but need to set it up wirelessly which it cant seem to do because it cant find my access point?? ive tried enterin my ssid and wpa key in manually with the info given on my netgear router bt it still cnt find my access point any ideas would be much appreciated!! thanks

Ken Clements
Make sure your wireless

Make sure your wireless router is broadcasting the SSID...

tommy coops
how do you make your roter

how do you make your roter broadcast ur ssid??

Talk about a discussion that

Talk about a discussion that goes in circles started from unknowledgeable people with help provided from people almost just as unknowledgeable.

The psp and the psp go do not have wireless g support. Hence they don't support wpa2. Wpa2 is exclusive to wireless g and offers the more secure AES encryption that wpa1 does not offer. Most of you can't connect your psp to your wireless router because you probably have wpa2-aes enabled. What you need to do is enable wpa2 tkip and aes mixed mode. What mixed mode does is it lets devices that support wpa2-aes use it, and devices that can't just fall back to wpa-tkip.

Also, let it be known that turning on or turning off your ssid on your wireless router won't do anything to change the way your wireless router operates. When ssid broadcast is on, it just displays on wifi scans that there is access point XXX in range. With ssid broadcasting off, your wireless router won't show up on wifi scans. Turning off the ssid broadcast just make your wireless router not announce it's presence; it's a way to hide your wireless network.

So how do you connect your psp to a wireless network not broadcasting an ssid? It's called you enter in the name, encryption type, and encryption key manually into your psp, and then connect. That's how you connect to a wireless network with a hidden ssid, you put in those three details manually. Yes the psp does let you do this, however it wont be found in the "easy" wireless configuration area of your psp, it will be found in the "custom" area of the wireless configuration of your psp.

Ken clements, learn the wifi terminology. It's not called wpa-psk2. There's only wpa and wpa2. Wpa and wpa2 both use psk. The psk stands for preshared key, the preshared key is the decryption key used to login to your encrypted network with whatever form of encryption you have.

And, i think all of you need to use google, and use google hard. Spreading around opinion, hearsay, and assumption as fact is not real information. Using google can point you to real legitimate information.

I answered all of your questions concerning psp and wireless correctly, i also didn't derail the topic with beggings of "get me pirated stuff, and do it for me". I'm even understandable.

Ken Clements


You are a condensending idiot. This isn't a forum for you to demonstrate how much of a dickhead you are or how much you THINK you know about something. People that come here look for simple answers and not morons like you who think they are intelligent. OOOOhh so yo know what PSK stands for.. grow up. People like you need stay off forums like this.. You answered sweet FA to help those that are seeking help apart from demonstrating how trully stupid you are.

oo ooooo ooo let me throw one in.. AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard... i must be smart.

And if someone types in a typo.. get over it. Whether its WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK... build a bridge and get over.

Stupid idiots like you just waste space and really have nothing to offer. If you want to prove you are intelligent go finish high school.

I'm not a condensing idiot, i

I'm not a condensing idiot, i do know what i'm talking about, and people who know what their talking about tend to be able to explain things in a shorter amount of time. I answered everyones question accurately and to the point.

Sorry for doing what i did in a fashion that made me an ass. I got a little agitated reading this whole thing realizing how much people didn't know what they were talking about and how much people didn't care to do their own actual research using google so that they would know what they were talking about. But, i didn't resort to name calling.

Also, you didn't understand the point i made about psk. My point with explaining what psk stood for was to help explain why there is only one kind of psk and that it's used with all forms of wireless encryption. I did not explain the meaning of psk to show how smart i am.

People like me need to stay on this forum. People like you need to not get even more agitated than i was. You say people come on here looking for simple answers. But, this topic doesn't have any simple answers. When you're talking about wifi encryption protocols, the hardware inside of the psp, ssid broadcasting, and also what happens when you mix all of it together, and why it all happens the way it does when you mix all of the factors together....tell you what, you're not going to get a simple answer. You're probably not going to get the answers any better than the way i gave them.

I can get over a typo, but you didn't believe you had a typo or else you wouldn't have said wpa-psk2 all of the time. You're just mad because i got done in here what everyone else in this thread was unable to accomplish.

If you really want to call me an idiot, double check everything i said. That's what a smart person would do. Not just out right calling someone an idiot because you're wrong.

Ken Clements
Tommy... it would be a

Tommy... it would be a setting within your router... usually a simple check box. You can turn it off, but you will need to know the SSID when trying to connect to your wireless network. Broadcasting it doesn't make it any less secure as there are heaps of software out there that will show hidden SSID's. The key to your security is the type of encryption and ensuring the KEY's are not known by other people...

The usual mistake people make is to enable a good encryption and password but then leave their Router unsecured.. most routers addresses by default are or or etc... giving people access to the all the settings....

SSID = Service Set Identifier


i read what you said about

i read what you said about the WLAN settings and well what`s pretty funny at rhe moment is i am on my dsi with internet o.o i used my ssid and wep and comcast internet box to get internet on my dsi but on my psp the first time the internet worked and now suddenly it says connection error has occured WLAN thingy is not turned on and i looked everywhere on my dsi for the stupid WLAN thingy grrrrr i hate technology sometimes though im still researching, thank you very much with some pretty good ideas of what i should do. hmmm but i have a question, on my dsi when i went to yahoo mail on it, it said memory was full and need classic mail' do you have any idea on how i can get that?if you do then that`d be alot of help...okay i think i mentioned way too many subjects lolz i mean problems hahaha... well post a reply as soon as possible when you find out 100% of what to do for the psp WLAN settings so i can get internet on my psp and other people who come here for some pretty helpful advice, thank you!!!!!!!
kayleena marie cravens
p.s. i love technology and sometimes hate it XD LOLZ thanks again plz post reply soon (-^•^-)

Pls tell me from a-z on how

Pls tell me from a-z on how to connect my psp game to browse

i own a psp go and i bought 2

i own a psp go and i bought 2 game cards nba10 the inside and socom 2 i went to media go and installed the software and i entered my redeem codes and clicked continue and the next screen shows them with a download button on the sid i click download but An error occurred during the download operation.
(80029564) always pops up and my game does not download. Can someone please help me.

first you need to know what

first you need to know what that error codemeans

Hay shamil

Hay shamil
I have just scanned this topic from top to bottom and im not at all an expert
However i did have an isue with the psp 3003 conecting, and yours was the only answer which made any sence!
tony c

My psp displays no acces

My psp displays no acces point in range but sometimes it displays it then when i comfigure the settings then save it it says no acces point in range plzz help me'!!!

I understand that you need

I understand that you need the name, encryption type, and encryption key and you have to input them manually into your psp to connect to a hidden SSID. I have googled this and I'm apparently asking the wrong questions. So I will take you step by step and maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I hit enter manually under WLAN settings
I type in the SSID of the network
I choose WPA-PSK (TKIP) because this is what my laptop is connected with.
I enter the WPA Key (and double check to make sure that it's right)
I choose easy for address settings
I name the connection
I verify the setting list
I save and then try to connect but it says it's not detected.
I know that the internet is working because I'm typing on a laptop connected to it. I'm not an idiot, but I'm not very knowledgeable in terms of computer technology. If someone who is knowledgeable would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Until then I'll keep searching.

Nevermind. I set my router to broadcast the signal, connected and then hid it again and have no problem connection now.

my ssid input and the

my ssid input and the password input are correct but the psp says that the ssid is wrong or i'm sitting far away from my router when i'm sitting next to it

Matt Whitlock said: My first

Matt Whitlock said: My first suggestion would be to input the SSID of your WLAN manually. If the SSID broadcast is disabled on your router, then the scan will not find the network.

my ssid input and the password input are correct but the psp says that the ssid is wrong or i'm sitting far away from my router when i'm sitting next to it



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