problem with TV after DVD hookup

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problem with TV after DVD hookup

I,ve read about similar problems with this but not exactly the problem I have.

We plug our VCR into an indoor antenna and then into the TV using a coaxial cable to boost the signal into our TV. We do not have "cable TV" as such..

After we hooked up the DVD player to the TV the picture became discolored--a green line across the bottom--even after the DVD was unhooked (red, white, and yellow plug ends). The same thing happened with another DVD player (same kind of hookup) and a different TV, except the discoloration with that was over most of the screen in the form of red and yellow areas.

What's up? and did we ruin our TV's?

Thanks very much.

Matt Whitlock
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I'd like to be able to help

I'd like to be able to help you, but the description of your setup was somewhat...confusing.

If I'm getting this right, you plugged your DVD player into your TV with the yellow/red/white cables. Did you connect the DVD player directly to the TV?

Your story about your VCR and indoor antenna is also confusing? I'm guessing you plugged the antenna into the VCR (not the other way around), but how does this "boost the signal"? How does this relate to your DVD player problem?

Can you describe the input jack on the back of the TV? How many yellow/red/white jacks are labeld "IN"? How many RF (screw-type) inputs are there? Do you know the age/brand/model of the TV, VCR, and DVD player?


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