xbox grand theft auto san andreas two-player

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xbox grand theft auto san andreas two-player

so my friend and i just bought grand theft auto: san andreas for xbox and we can't figure out how to get the second player to work. it says on the back of the box that it's 1-2 player and we looked in the booklet and it just said to plug in the second controller. well we've done that and it's still not recognizing it! we don't know what to do!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Ron Repking (not verified)
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Does your second controller

Does your second controller work with other games?

Matt Whitlock
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GTA: San-Andreas is primarily

GTA: San-Andreas is primarily a one-player adventure. However, there are two-player icons scattered throughout the game. These icons are bright pink, and have a picture of two people on them.

The two player mode has two types, rampage and free-roam. What you have to do will be different with each icon you come across.


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