Canon EOS 20D Digital help needed!

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Wendy Clem
Canon EOS 20D Digital help needed!

Can anyone walk me thru the steps to download my digital pics to my PC? I never had any problem with my previous Canon, but there are only instructions with this one as to how to view on TV or print pics, not DOWNLOAD them!

Please help!! Thank you!

Matt Whitlock
Wendy, The easiest way to get


The easiest way to get pictures off your camera would be to invest in a flash media reader. This is a little device that plugs into your computer's USB port, and has a slot for your camera's memory card.

Getting picture's off the camera is as easy as cutting & pasting the pictures from the card to another folder on your computer.

Flash media readers come in many varieties, and are not expensive. Single format readers cost as little as 8 bucks, and multiple format readers (if you have many different kinds of flash media devices) only cost a little more.

Here's what an external multi-card reader looks like:


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