olympus camedia digital camera

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olympus camedia digital camera

I have a olmpus camedia 2020 digital camera that i have had about a year and i change batteries the other day and now i can't get it to shut off or do anything it comes on and stays on til i take batteries out wont take anything.or do anything?

This sounds like one for the

This sounds like one for the Olympus folks. If it's still under warranty, ask for help. If it's not, take it to a camera store where they sell them and beg for help.

I have an Olympus 3040Z which has misbehaved a few times in ways similar to what you describe, but not exactly. I found that if I turned it off, took out the batteries and let it sit overnight, then when I put the batteries back in the next day, it would shut off and turn on normally. Perhaps there is a short term state memory that is screwed up somehow and it resets if power is unavailable for a long enough time.

Another thing to try is with the batteries out, turn the power switch to on (it's P on mine for Programmed mode), and then put the batteries in. If it goes "on" as soon as the batteries are connected, then maybe the switch will turn it off.

I'm just guessing here, but can't thnk of anything else to suggest.


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