Memory problem - please help

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Memory problem - please help

Hi! I don't even know if anyone can help me with this, but I'm desperate. I think I might have permanently broken my camera.

I took some pics on my Samsung Digimax 4010 today. Then the little warning came up saying the memory was full and I couldn't take any more pics. I hooked it up to my laptop with my cable and dowloaded the pics off. Then I deleted them off the camera. I accidently unkhooked my camera without going through the proper "eject hardware" method. I didn't think anything of it and turned it back on to take some more pics and the "MEMORY FULL" warning immediately popped up. I was like "WHAT?" so I went into the area where you view the pics on the camera and it said there were no pics to view - that the camera is empty. But the warning is still there, keeping me from taking any pics.

I think I have tried everything - re-adding pics to the camera and then deleting them, checking the camera on my computer - IT ALL SAYS ITS COMPLETELY EMPTY. Yet, the message "MEMORY FULL" still remains and I can't take any more pics. I am at my wits end. If any could offer me any sort of advice, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Matt Whitlock
The first thing you should

The first thing you should try to do is format the memory card. Assuming you have a Samsung Digimax 401 (I see no reference to a 4010), perform the following steps (taken from the Samsung 401 manual).

Formatting a Memory Card

1. In any mode other than Voice Recording mode, press the MENU button.
2. Press the LEFT/ RIGHT button and select the [SETUP] menu tab.
3. Select the [FORMAT] menu by pressing the UP/ DOWN button and press the RIGHT button.
4. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the UP/ DOWN button and press the OK button.
- If [No] is selected : The memory card will not be formatted.
- If [Yes] is selected : A [PLEASE WAIT!] message appears and the memory card will be formatted. If you ran FORMAT in Play mode, a [NO IMAGE!] message will appear.

Post back with your results.

Thank you SO MUCH Matt!! It

Thank you SO MUCH Matt!! It worked, and you are truly a life saver. I was already researching new cameras to buy, and as a broke college student my options weren't looking good. I just really thought I screwed my camera up for good. Thank you immensely!

Matt Whitlock
Your welcome Jess, next time

Your welcome Jess, next time remember to use the "Safely remove hardware" feature when disconnecting the memory card from the computer. There's some other great articles about using digital cameras here; you may want to check them out.

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