Cheat the ROKR?

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Steven Jones
Cheat the ROKR?

I haven't paid that much attention to the recently announced Motorola ROKR phone with iTunes capabilities. Besides the fact that it seems limited in its music playback functionality and is well below the coolness bar as a phone, I don't see a compelling reason for anyone to switch carriers just for that feature.

Anyhoo, I understand that despite the available, built-in memory in the phone, the iTunes library is arbitrarily(?) limited to 100 songs. Even if you had physical room to store more, you can't. If you uploaded 100 children's 30-second lullabyes, you're done.

So my question is of a hacking nature. Can you trick the iTunes software by marrying multiple songs together. For example, put all 11 tracks of a CD into a single MP3 file and upload as 1 music file. Seems like this would work, right?

Ron Repking (not verified)
Interesting idea, but anyone

Interesting idea, but anyone that actually knows how to merge MP3s together as you suggest (yes, I know it isn't that hard) probably wouldn't be interested in a phone that has that limitation...

Matt Whitlock
Wouldn't the best solution be

Wouldn't the best solution be not to buy the ROKR, and just purchase a seperate MP3 player?


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