my tv blacks out

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my tv blacks out

i have a sony trinitron tv, model KV-32S10. it takes up to five minutes for the picture to show and after that while watching tv the picture goes in and out, screen goes black for about 3-5 seconds. what's the problem? thanks to anyone who answers this.

R Walcher
Dear Smokey,

Dear Smokey,

Did you get an answer to your question about your TC blacking out? I'm having the same problem with my Zenith.



Robert Crane
I have the same model and it

I have the same model and it's doing the same thing. Could it possibly be the video chip? I'm going to open it up this weekend and try some freeze spray on it to try to pinpoint if it's a thermal problem. Meanwhile if anyone has any ideas please reply as it's a great tv and I would hate to scrap it .


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