Harmon kardon Receiver Question

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Harmon kardon Receiver Question

I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 430 and also I have a Niles Speaker switch. The Niles should be hooked up to the HK Reciever. Where would I do that? I ahve several option - speaker in speaker out, surround sound, center speakerback speaker
I have 5 speakers for my surround sound plus two speaker in two other rooms.

Matt Whitlock
If you're trying to pump

If you're trying to pump music into other rooms using the equipment you have, you would need to connect FR/FL OUT terminals to the INPUT on the switch. From there, you would connect your speakers to the OUTPUTS on the switch.

If you decide to take advantage of the Multi-Room capabilities of your receiver in the future, you can connect the multi-room output to an external amplifier(as long as you have volume controls on the other end) or a receiver and pump a different source to your other speakers.


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