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Time Delays

Just a quick question. In my home theatre system I'm driving my front speakers with a seperate, more powerfull amplifier. Does the sound take longer to get processed than the sound to the other speakers? If this is the case then the delay settings won't be correct with just the distance calculations. Any thoughts?

Tie Guy
Possibly, but passing sound

Possibly, but passing sound off to a seperate power amplifier probably won't make much of a difference to notice. If the seperate amp is another receiver, then the additional processing may make a larger impact.

Matt Whitlock
Tie guy is right on the

Tie guy is right on the receiver. If you are using another reciever, put it in direct mode if it has one. That will make it function more like a power amp than a receiver.

AVIA has some sound tests you can use to help you figure out what the delays are. If you really want to make sure everything is tweaked, this is the disc for you.


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