Nintendo Debuts Revolution Controller

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Matt Whitlock
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Nintendo Debuts Revolution Controller

Nintendo has finally shown off the "Revolutionary" controller design for it's upcoming Revolution video game console.

They've even added a joystick add-on for "hardcore gamers".

The main gist is that it's a motion sensing, one handed contraption that responds to hand movements. Swing it like a bat, fire it like a gun, etc. Supposedly, it provides a new sense of realism to game play, and will set a new standard to how people interact with games. If we had a nickel for everytime Nintendo said that...

Do you think Nintendo will achieve success, or do you think this is another Nintendo gimmick that will become tired in a year or less? Do you think good third-party support for this will become a reality?

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My first reaction is that I

My first reaction is that I don't like it. It might be fun to play with once, but I just don't like it. It looks like the remote control to the TV I had when I was a kid. If Nintendo wanted to simplify their controller they should have just went back to the NES design. It was simple, fun, and every gamer on the planet has at least 10,000 hours of experience with it already. That would have been cool.

Matt Whitlock
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I see your point Chuck, but I

I see your point Chuck, but I don't think I'd want to go back to just a d-pad control. It's at least got to have an analog stick.

My current beef with Nintendo is that they're trying to differentiate themselves from Microsoft and Sony... meaning that with this kind of interface, they are going to have software titles exclusive to the Nintendo. Smart move whtn you think about it.

Right now, the DS and the dual screen setup and touch screen on the bottom have few titles that are truly innovative and enjoyable. Nintendogs would not be fun without the touch screen. But should we have to suffer through hundreds of games that fail to use the technology well to get one game that succeeds? I don't know. Yet I do know that Nintendo placing a really big bet with Revolution, and it would be a shame if the only fun games to play on it are old NES and SNES games that you download from Ninetendo.


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