HELP!!!!!! My TV is going and I can't afford to have it fixed professionally

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HELP!!!!!! My TV is going and I can't afford to have it fixed professionally

My one and only TV is having problems and I have no money to go fix it. I am hoping I can do it myself. Here is the problem. I have a 20" screen Toshiba TV and when I first turn it on I only get maybe a quarter of the screen, then after about half an hour (if it doesn't turn itself off, I now know I have to have my DVD player turned on to keep it turned on) I can get a little more than half the screen to come in. Please any info or help will be much appreciated.

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First, ask youself 3

First, ask youself 3 questions:
1)Can I solder?
2)Do I know what an electrolytic capacitor looks
3)Am I aware of the hazards involved in Television repair?

If you answered "no" to any one of these, DON'T DO IT! You could kill yourself, or the television in your attempt. TV's have many componets that are
capable of holding nasty voltages for extended times after being unplugged, knowing how to identify and handle these things can be critcal to your comfort and survival.

But....If yes was your answer, then solving your problem will be quite easy indeed!

Just change the RED or Brownish colored capacitors. One is located near the vertical output, the other near the video processor.
Be CERTAIN to use capacitors of identical voltage and capacitance to the originals (They are both of the same rating). These guys leak electrolyte, (so be sure to clean this off the board with alcohol before installing the new parts), and they will sizzle and stink when unsoldered (try not to breathe the fumes).
This is perhaps the most common problem that afflicts older Toshiba TV's.

There you go.... But remember, if you aren't familiar with this type of work (3 questions above) DON'T ATTEMPT IT, You have been warned and I accept no responsibility for your actions!


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