Digital CD Mavica 5.0 Mega Pixels by Sony

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Digital CD Mavica 5.0 Mega Pixels by Sony

I purchased this camera from ebay and when I got it the LCD lens is broken and will not show pictures. Can it be replaced and can I do it or should I have someone who is qualified to fix it. I don't even know where to begin. The disc did not come with it either so I am looking for one to download this to my computer when and if I get it fixed. HELP....PLEASE

Matt Whitlock
ljh, From what I understand,


From what I understand, cameras are often difficult to repair given the small and compact nature of the design. I would recommend you have it repaired by a professional, or try to get a refund from whoever you believe to be at fault in your transaction.

Without the Model number for your camera, I cannot direct you to the appropriate page on Sony's e-support site, but I'm sure they have the appropriate drivers and software available for download. Visit the Sony e-support site here.


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