Sony TV Video Input Doesn't Work

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Sandra Grusky
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Sony TV Video Input Doesn't Work

I have a Sony Trinitron that's almost two years old. I just bought a karaoke machine and tried plugging the karaoke machine's cable into the front of the TV, and the video input doesn't work. I don't know why--it was working fine before. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Matt Whitlock
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Welcome to TechLore Sandra!

Welcome to TechLore Sandra!

Most newer Sony TVs have an option in the user menu to rename used inputs, or disable the unused ones. Check to make sure the input hasn't been disabled. Post back with what you find, and we'll go from there.

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My Fisher PC-25S80 video

My Fisher PC-25S80 video option will not work. When i push the video button to play either a DVD or VHS Tape the word VIDEO show up in the bottom right hand corner but it will stay there and not go out. I can hear the DVD playing but there is no picture on the screen. The screen is still aqua blue. what is the problem


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