TV Went Dead While Cleaning Screen

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TV Went Dead While Cleaning Screen

Hi, I need help. While cleaning my Slyvania tv screen while it was still on, my tv went dead. Can this be easily fixed? What happened? Bev

Matt Whitlock
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bev428, Most likely a static


Most likely a static charge fried something in the TV if you tried to clean it while it was on (don't feel bad... the same thing happend to me when I used to sell TVs at a retail store).

First I'd try unplugging it for about 4 hours, and see if that helps. Make sure the breaker didn't trip or anything like that.

Second, you can look inside for any fuses that may have blown. If obvious, replace the fuse.

Third, you can opt to have it looked at by a service center, but depending on the age and cost to repair, you may just want to consider getting a new TV. It may not even be worth a quote.

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What we may be up against

What we may be up against here is what is known as a "ring break". In an effort to save a little lead, most of the televisions and other consumer electronics are soldered (electrical connections made) with the minimal amount of solder. A little motion or vibration after the solder has been subjected to the stress of hot componets over time causes the componet to lose its connections. Sometimes it just needs soldering, sometimes it blows itself or another componet. Sylavania sets are notorious for these failures. Take it to a servicer, if the set isn't that old and the bench fee is low enough.


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