My Yepp 60V say's Broken Codec

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My Yepp 60V say's Broken Codec

It played before, until my wife said, I don't like your music. So, deleted the music on the mp3 and since then, it just doesn't want to play? all it does is beep for tracks and volume adjustments. It accepts downloads MP3 and WMA files from PC, but wont play. I am stumped!!!anyone understands broken codecs? please help in my personal crisis.
Thx james

Matt Whitlock
I found an exact reference to

I found an exact reference to your problem on the Samsung Support site. Unfortunately, the don't really say what the problem is. They just say you need to have it serviced.

"If your YP-60V says Missing Codec Or Codec Broken, the unit will require service. Please enter your serial number below to check the status of your warranty and contact 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) to arrange for service"

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