Mitsubishi CS-27305

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Mitsubishi CS-27305

Hi, I hope someone can offer me some direction on whether to dump this tv or if it may be serviceable.
On two seperate occasions while watching the tv it was as if some sort of electrical war was going on. The actual picture was reduced to a small square of blurred images in the center of the screen then the tv cut off. When I turned it back on the first time it was fine. The next day the very same scenario except that this time it would not power on. I unplugged the tv from the power surger and left off overnite. When I plugged it back into the power surger and the surger into the wall outlet I have no picture still. I can hear the tv turning off and on tho. I am sure the outlet and surger are working because I have my vcr and small stereo plugged into it.
I look forward to any help or suggestions anyone may provide.

there could be cold solder on

there could be cold solder on main need some body who knows what they are looking for to find it


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