I need help with a feature on my Samsung camera phone!

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I need help with a feature on my Samsung camera phone!

I just recently got a Samsung camera phone, I believe the modle is SCH-a670, and I have been told that you can record things and then use them as ringtones but I can not for the life of me figure out how! I know how to record but I can't figure out how to use it as the ringtone! If anyone can please help me I would appriciate it very much! Thank you!


Matt Whitlock
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Amanda, Just about all phones


Just about all phones I've used cannot assign voice memos as Ringtones.

As an experiment, create a voice memo and save it. Press MENU, 7, 3, 2 to go to the ringer type menu. Select "CALLS" and look through the available folders for your voice memo. If it's there it can be assigned. If not, it can't.

If you purchase a data kit for your phone, you may be able to move audio files back and forth into the correct folders to select them as ringtones. However, I have not tried with your particular make, so I cannot guarantee anything.

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I actually was told by a

I actually was told by a friend who has the same phone that it is possible and how to do it... just incase anyone else was wondering here's how:

- go to camera mode and take a random picture
- push 'OK' to send the picture as a pix message
- under 'SEND TO' put in your cell phone number
- scroll down past 'SUBJECT', past 'PICTURE', past 'MESSAGE', to 'SOUND'
- press 'OPTION'
- press 'OK' when 'RECORD NEW' is selected
- You will be prompted to record a message after the tone
- record what you want to have as your ringtone
- send the pix message
- when you recieve the message you just sent yourself there should be a picture and the sound clip you recorded playing
- click on 'OPTION'
- scroll down to where it says 'SAVE MESSAGE'
- it will give you the option to scroll to the left or right
- scroll to the left twice and it should say 'SAVE SOUND'
- press 'OK'
- name the sound or use the defalt
- press 'OK'
- exit to desktop (main screen)
- press 'MENU'
- go to 'SETUP'
- scroll down to 'SOUNDS'
- scroll down to 'RINGER TYPE'
- select 'CALLS'
- select 'MY MELODY'
- select your presaved sound clip
- press 'OK'

I know that seemed very long and drawn out but that should do it! It did for me atleast! good luck! Oh and BTW, this will require pix messaging capabilities!!

Hope it helps!


Matt Whitlock
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Your method is similar to the

Your method is similar to the data cable I mentioned, but you're using messaging capabilities to move files around instead. I'll admit, it's a very creative process you and your friend have discovered to do this, and exactly the kind of information we want on TechLore.

Thank you for posting your discovery on TechLore, and feel free to submit anything else you discover in the future.


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