Broken video RCA jack on Toshiba TV

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Broken video RCA jack on Toshiba TV

The video input jack on my Toshiba CF27G50 (about 12 years old) is not working properly. I have the TV connected to a relatively simple (HTB)home theater system and I often get no picture when I turn on the TV. If I turn or reinsert the video cable on the TV, that often fixes the problem. I have tried numerous new video cables and it doesn't correct the problem. Is repairing the video jack a complicated repair? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Matt Whitlock
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It may just be a bad solder

It may just be a bad solder connection to the main board, or maybe the inside of the jack is corroded and not making good contact with the cable tip (you wouldn't even have to open the TV to fix this problem).

If you know how to use a soldering iron, it is something that you could try before taking it to a shop, or throwing the TV away. For your safety, we recommend leaving the TV unplugged overnight before you begin your repair. Always practice caution when working inside a TV chassis.


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