Problem with RCA RD900W - cordless audio transmitter

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Tony T
Problem with RCA RD900W - cordless audio transmitter

RCA makes a device, (RD900W), which plugs into a computer's usb port, then transmits an audio signal to a receiver, that plugs into a stereo's RCA plug.
I got mine all hooked up and it plays thru my stereo at an almost inaudible volume. I've checked the RCA web site and the closest description I've found is at
But that doesn't help me. Also when you try the links to contact RCA for support it generates some kind of html error, so that's no help. Actually, if anyone has any contact numbers or emails addresses for RCA support, I'd love to know about them.
I keep coming back to the control panel for sound and multimedia on my XP SP2 machine. I believe the default sound card should be correctly set to the RCA transmitter called a "Lyra ..." This is where I wonder if my problem is? On the "sounds" tab of "sound and multimedia" is a sliding volume control for the lyra, mine is turned all the way down, and the slide is "grayed out", and subsequently I can't turn it up.
I've tried removing and reinstalling the driver software called "MusicMatch' and get the same results. Oh, there is a signal strength meter on the receiver, and mine shows all 4 lights lit, indicating the strongest signal.
Thanks for any tips!

Matt Whitlock
In your Music Match program,

In your Music Match program, make sure that Lyra Wireless (or USB audio device) is selected as the output device. Options --> Settings --> Player. As long as that is done, you're fine.

Now, you say you're getting sound but it's "almost inaudible". Sounds like the problem is on the receiver end to me. First, check where you plugged in the receiver to your stereo. Make sure it is an input, and not TAPE 2 or PHONO. Second, if the TAPE 2 Monitor circuit is engaged, you'll get almost inaudible sound. (If you discover that TAPE 2 is on, turn down the volume before you disengage it.)

Check those things out and post back with what you discover.

Tony T
Thanks for the ideas Matt. I

Thanks for the ideas Matt. I found the problem by jiggling wires while I was playing through the Lyra device. The wire that comes out of the receiver and plugs into the RCA jacks was touchy, and by playing around with it I got a good signal. Now that it's working ... it's kind of a fun device. Thanks for the help. Tony


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