It's not recording any audio!!!

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It's not recording any audio!!!

I bought a Sony CCD-V5000 Hi 8 video camera years ago and it's been in the closet in it's original packing (dust-free). It was only used 5-10 hrs. new out of the box. Now that I want to use it again, it will not record any audio half the time. It will operate some of the time because I have seen gauges of the side of the moving and I've watched playback. But, just about everytime I try to use it I spend up to an hour fiddling with buttons and swithces trying to get so use. said my camera wasn't meant to sit idle for so long because it has self lubricating parts......(FOR SOUND you mean?!!!). I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

Matt Whitlock
It is possible that not using

It is possible that not using it could be the culprit. Tape recorders rely on mechanical parts to record sound to the tape. There probably isn't anything wrong electronically.

If the problem is lubrication, a service center should be able to re-lubricate the mechanical parts... unless operating the camera in this fashion has caused additional damage. Once done, play with the camcorder for at least 30 minutes every 3 months to keep the parts lubricated, and in good working order.


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