Toshiba SD 1600 acting wiggy

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Toshiba SD 1600 acting wiggy

Hi everyone...I've had my Toshiba SD-1600 for five years now and with no probs until now. When playing a DVD, the player experiences what resembles a tracking problem whenever there is a strong flash of light, like a strobe, lightning bolt, explosion, or even an abrupt chapter change on the dvd. What gives, does it need cleaning, or just replacing altogether? What would cause this? Would using a disc cleaner have any effect at all?

Thanks again. Also, if anyone has any thoughts as to how to open a stuck DVD player door (separate player), and any thoughts as to why one disc will play in one player and not another, it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!


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Not sure about your tracking

Not sure about your tracking problem. Seems weird that it happens in a movie that has a strong flash of light.

For your stuck DVD try this thread for some ideas:

For your DVDs playing in one player but not the other, see if these help:


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