Toshiba 51H83 Projection TV Convergence Problem

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Toshiba 51H83 Projection TV Convergence Problem

This TV is 2 years old, and has developed red shadows in a limited number of screen areas. Convergence can be accomplished automatically with their 'TouchFocus' feature, and manually through a convergence screen with nine crosshairs arranged in 3 rows of 3.


I can set convergence accurately at all nine crosshairs, but when viewing programs, red shadows appear on screen. The red shadows only occur in the areas between available crosshair adjustments, specifically along the right column between points 3 & 6 and 6 & 9, and along the bottom row between points 7 & 8 and 8 & 9.

What can be done to bring the areas between convergence points into convergence?

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem with my Toshoba 55H70 projection tv. I called Toshiba, they said " unplug your tv for 3 minutes then plug back in, if that doesn't fix your problem then call a serviceman".

Matt Whitlock
I'm assuming you tried the

I'm assuming you tried the automatic adjustment, and you experienced similar problems.

9 point covergence modules are supposed to extapolate convergence by using 9 points, mostly to make it easier for the consumer. If you can determine which direction the red is straying, you can try to over compensate in the convergence screen. Even though the crosshairs may not be perfectly white during convergence, it make the ghosts less noticable when viewing a picture.

If you can achieve desireable results with the convergence tools provided, you will want to call a repair man. They have access to the service menu, which contains a detailed multi-point convergence tool. There may even be other problem with the convergence system, so an inspection would be in your best interest.


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