service menu ?

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service menu ?

I have a Zenith sr3273dt3 can only get to one service menu it has 948-1 1.13 Preset Px stored ac on off Brightness 23 key deft off cap phase 36 a/v lock off vert pos 13 band/afc 1 horz pos 19 pip upos 5 pip avail on pip hpos 4 zen/pl zenth pip v lim 130 chan lock n/a pip h lim 103 strt chan n/a pip fr ct 8 max volum off pip mac 3 min volum off pip swtch 5 pip l dly 15 I have a gray tint to the picture its like the colors are not as bright as they should be. I think I need to change the R/G/B parameters. Any ideas how to get
Into other menus?


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