Sony rear proj - screen get red and turn black; sound ok

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Sony rear proj - screen get red and turn black; sound ok


I got this 10 year old Sony rear projection 46" TV from a friend (Sony Videoscope KP46XBR35, 1995). It worked well up to ... the second DVD I watched on it.

The screen started getting redish intermittently, then would remain redish for a couple of minutes, and finally turned black while the sound kept working well. It now does that every time I turn on the TV. Sometimes it does not even start, and the power light flicker.

This problem occurs with every sources: DVD, TV tuner, etc.

I tried to do a "power reset" as described in (Sony's support web site it did not work. I talked to a local repair center (I'm in Iowa City, IA) on the phone, and they told me that it might be a CRT dying, and that the repair would not be worth (300-450$ per CRT to replace, just for the pieces). However, reading several posts about similar problems I got the impression that it might not be a CRT problem, and could perhaps be fixed for... less (although the diagnostics and suggested repair actions varied quite a bit across different posts).

Any ideas???

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Update.After reading some


After reading some posts, I tried to adjust the G2/screen controls. When increased, glow and curved lines, with color corresponding to the controlled CRT, appear on screen (as expected, if I understand well), and the image (DVD or TV tuner sources) is visible in the background in a very altered way (TV menus are barely visible when selected).

Also, the flickering of the power light is an error code (as I learnt reading more posts). In my case, it is a continuous blink once a second, with no pausing, which means:

"No reply from the jungle IC301 (data bus is busy, shorted to ground or held high), IK video path is defective."

I read somewhere that changing the IC301 had solved the problem in a similar situation on another Sony rear projection system.

Is that something that I could do myself? (I'm not an electronic technician or engineer, I'm a scientist, but more qualified people in my area seem to be reluctant to do anything on this TV (probably because they want to protect me from costly repairs, meaningless for such an old system; what I appreciate). But I kind of would like to repare it still, if there is a cheap way of doing it (up to this breakdown it used to be a fine system :-))

Suggestions, other diagnostics and solutions ?

Thanks !


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