Samsung YP-910 Mp3 not turning on

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poisoned heart
Samsung YP-910 Mp3 not turning on

Hello. My sister had found this Samsung YP-910 Mp3 player and had given it to me. No USB cable or AC adapter. Just the Mp3 player itself and the cover. I had tried turning it on several times but failed. Recently, I had also gotten a USB as well. I connected it both to the mp3 and my labtop but sign of activity. I am wondering, Do I give it a few hours to recharge? Get a replacement battery? Is it gone for good?

Please help.
Much appreciated.

Matt Whitlock
The YP-910 doesn't charge

The YP-910 doesn't charge through the USB cable. The charger AH44-00036B is required to charge the internal battery. If you wish, you can order it from Samsung's E-Parts Store for 9.95.


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