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AOL Digi cam

Someone was looking for drivers for this antique. I have them. It will NOT work with windows xp.

Matt Whitlock
GLF5757, Thank you for


Thank you for responding to the community. Would it be possible for you to e-mail the drivers to us? I would like to archive them for anyone who needs them.

Thank you,

Matt Whitlock

Steven Jones (not verified)
I have the original disk but

I have the original disk but can do that. Just give the address to send them to...

Matt Whitlock
Thank you GLF5757, I'll

Thank you GLF5757, I'll contact you via e-mail and provide an address you can send it to.

i have the aol digicam for

i have the aol digicam for windows 95-98 disc wont work to get drivers for camera. i have windows xp. e-machine. are there drivers i can use to use my camera?


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