Surviving without my iPod

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Steven Jones
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Surviving without my iPod

This weekend I took my car in for repair and left my iPod tucked away in the compartment between the seats. I was kinda bummed but thought I could always grab the MyFi and listen to some music via XM 's satellite service (though I am changing my tune (pun intended) on the portable Delphi gadget - see my article here).

Problem was, that was in the car too because it turns out it is the only place I get consistent reception. Now I was stuck without a portable music option - or was I.

I remembered blowing way too much for a giant memory card for my smartphone which I had loaded up with a few albums. Even I was surprised to find that the phone was a fine replacement with the headphones attached or using the external speaker.

There is a huge movement among mobile phone manufacturers to morph phones into music players and after this weekend, I am more convinced it is a good move. Still, it would have been my third choice anyway even though I always carry the thing with me! Strange.

Jeff Block
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All we need is a battery that

All we need is a battery that lasts a year instead of a week, and we're golden. I would imagine a convergence around phones would be expected at that point, including your portable music. My question is whether or not they'll (practically) include portable video too in the phone ... or will that have to be a HUD-like deal in a set of classes over blutooth or the lie?


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