SONY DSCF707 Error: Help a girl out?

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SONY DSCF707 Error: Help a girl out?

Thanks for reading my post. I wanted to know if there is a way to figure things out without sending my camera away to be fixed at 150+ cost. It's a sont DSCf707 5mp digital camera. I bought it off ebay. The problem is that when turned on without wall power plugged in, it gives me this error: "For INFOlithium battery only" I looked up what type of battery I have and it is the correct one that came with the camera. It is an infolithium battery. I also purchased one compatible with the camera that says lithium ion or something of that sort. At any rate, neither of them are working. While using either, it gives me this error. It worked perfectly while being charged (plugged in) but continues with the error when unplugged. I've reset the camera twice. Should I buy another battery of the exact specific type found in the manufacturer box? Looking for any advice!

That is what I found in the manual I found online which wasn't helpful.

Ron Repking (not verified)
If they still sell the camera

If they still sell the camera in the stores, or something very similiar to it, take it there (e.g. Best Buy) and try a battery from an existing camera that you know works and try your battery in their camera. That's what I did for mine to determine that it was the camera that was defective.


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