SONY -cdx-s2000 car cd player

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dr baluja
SONY -cdx-s2000 car cd player

During one of my visits to USA I bought
SONY cdx-s2000 Car CD player and radio
The System was exported to India
The player is working very fine
but the radio only picks up 2 out of about 15 FM station.There is no way that it can be tuned manually.The local man says that the frequencies of Usa are mutiplication of 10 while Europe and rest of the world is multiplication of 9
I have another system in the other car which asks whether I am using it in US orEU before auto tuning
Can anybody explain what is it?
Any home remedy?

You may want to add an inline

You may want to add an inline FM booster. Some aftermarket head units have fairly weak tuners in them, and dont pick stations up well. The companies put all of thier efforts into the cd player and the tuner is just secondary. An FM booster plugs into the antenna port on the back of the unit, and then the antenna is plugged into the booster. there is a power wire that must be run to a switched 12 volt source. Agood choice is the ciggarette lighter, or something else that is close by. The booster might solve your problem. It is at least cheap, and will help the stations you do get to come in better if nothing else. Good luck


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