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Ok.. I lost my manual to my Emerson VCR- and for whatever reason when I turn the VCR on-its automatically on channel 3- the only problem is - my cable- etc runs off of chanel 4- How can I change it so the defaut will be channel 4- I have done it before using the remot- but forgot how- If anyone can help!! THX!!

Matt Whitlock
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Why not just change the

Why not just change the output of your cable box to run on channel 3? It would solve your problem.

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I have an Emerson4010A VCR-no

I have an Emerson4010A VCR-no manual & no idea how
to install it to my old 25" Hitachi no remote control TV-Can you help me???

Matt Whitlock
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Patsy, There are two common


There are two common ways to connect a VCR to a TV.

1. Connect using coaxial RF cable

To make this connection, run a crew-on type coaxial cable from the OUT on the VCR to the VHF/UHF, or Cable Input on the TV. If there is currently a cable signal or antenna wire connected to the TV, disconnect and plug into the input on the VCR.

So, your connection path if you have basic cable or an antenna would be: wall jack to IN on VCR ---> Then OUT on VCR to IN on TV.

In this case, your tapes will be seen on channel 3 or 4, but the VCR must be turned off to tune in channels with the TV.

2. Connect Using A/V Patch Cords

Most VCRs also have a set of RCA jacks colored Yellow and White. If it's a stereo VCR it will have a red one as well. If your TV has a set of A/V inputs, connect the patch cords from the OUT on the VCR to the IN on the TV. You will then need to select the appropriate input on the TV to view the VCR.


Since you don't have the original TV remote, you may want to opt for the coaxial method, but if your TV has A/V inputs (and you can select them using a button on the front), it will give you the best quality your VCR has to offer.

Feel free to post back if you have additional questions. Remember, not all questions are answered within 3 minutes! :-)


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