35" Toshiba TV approx 9 years old

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35" Toshiba TV approx 9 years old

I have a 35" Toshiba TV that is around 9 years old. The problem I am having is the TV turns off as soon as you turn it one. I am wondering if the on-off switch is bad. What else could cause this to happen.


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Ron Repking (not verified)
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Unplug it for about 4 hours

Unplug it for about 4 hours and see if it works when you plug it back in.

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I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with my Toshiba CX3583A. The TV will power up after being left unplugged for about an hour or more. Has anyone found the repair?

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     Have a Toshiba CE32T11,

     Have a Toshiba CE32T11, Same problem. Purchased Feb. 2000.  There seems to be a pattern here.  Either does not come on right away, comes on briefly and then shuts off, comes on and off a few times after 20 min. to half an hour. Will stay on eventually. Checked timer programing & sleep programing, neither are the problem. Still great pic & audio, would be wrong to trash it. Anyone know of infomation on the fix or source for parts and circuit boards to cure this one?         Note- The TV is on but the red light is blinking for the 20 min. to half hour the set is not responding. Then it may turn off or come on with pic & audio. Programing issue?

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RE: all

RE: all

Without seeing the sets, I can guess a few reasons for the behaviors you all describe.  There could be poor solder connections in the set that heat up as the set works eventually disconnecting, thus the TV shuts off.  There could be a failing part again that heat causes to fail.  Realize that "heat" here is not necessarily hot to human touch.  These are problems that require a trained tech to examine.  Perhaps if the cost of an estimate is not too high, you can have the set examined by a local shop and get their diagnosis?

Keep us posted.

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I have same that problem with

I have same that problem with Toshiba TP48E60. You TV get poor solder connections, because that TV old TV keep moving from one place to other place or from one house to another house. Thatwhy our TV poor or bad solder connections. Now we should re-solder all the pins of Flyback area and also re-solder all transforner pins. Good Luck

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I have a Toshiba manufactured

I have a Toshiba manufactured April 1993 model CX3583A that the screen turns red when first started. Sometimes it only lasts 3-5 min and sometimes for over 30 min. We have to unplug it and count to ten and sometimes it comes back on. We have whacked it and still nothing. Can anyone help us.

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I have a 22 inch flat samsung

I have a 22 inch flat samsung LCD with the same problem. plug off for next 6 hours and plug it then this problem is removed otherwise use TV remote of its own TV.
Thank you.


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