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dr baluja

i have a new digimax 530 digital camera
it works well with ordinary alkaline batteries but they drain out very quickly
however when iuse rechargable batteries of 2400mh the zoom does not work and goes back only half way when i switch it off
rechargeable batteries are of 1.2 v each
any help

Matt Whitlock
Can you give more information

Can you give more information on the type of rechargable you're using. Brand, model, type (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH,), charger type, etc.

Matt Whitlock
dr baluja, in the future,

dr baluja,

in the future, please do not post the same question in multiple forums/threads at the same time, especially if you have started your own thread. This helps keep answers and responses in one area for easy reference.

Thank you.

dr baluja
thank u MattThis was my first

thank u Matt
This was my first day
so duplicate rquests
will be more careful in future

Rechargeable cells are SANYO Ni-MH 2400

Charger is not branded but it is supposed to charge NI-mh cells

Camera also gives strange noise instead of normal
samsung tune when switched on


Matt Whitlock
Your problem may be the

Your problem may be the charger. I wouldn't trust that it can charge a Ni-MH cell unless you have documentation that specifically says so. In fact, it's possible that the Ni-MH batteries you have are now fried. You'll probably have to replace them. Click here to read more about rechargables.

The D-530 is capable of using alkaline, rechargable, CR-V3 Lithium, or the Samsung SBP-1303 battery. For the best performance, you'll want to use the SBP-1303, which is capable of taking around 280 shots on one charge. However, at 90 bucks its an expensive option, but still cheaper than alkalines and better performing than NI-MH cells.

dr baluja
MattYou sound to be

You sound to be right
Iwill go buy a new charger
is they a shortcut way to find out whether the batteries i have are ok

thanks a lot for refering to the rechargable batteries site

i will let u know when i get new batteries/charger

Matt Whitlock
I would recommend not

I would recommend not bothering with the batteries you have. Ni-CD chargers usually run the batteries slower and hotter than a Ni-MH charger would. The trip through the other charger may not have fried them entirely, but it's likely that the usable life has been greatly diminished. There's safety reasons also... I wouldn't want the batteries you have to explode in your device, which is more likely to happen if the battery has been misused at any point. It would be in your best interest to call it a loss and replace them.

Keep us posted on your progress.


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